22 January 2009

Birthday Boy

Mr. B. told me he got a surprised birthday lunch at work today. I would think it was unexpected because he doesn't seem to be very much aware (or care) that his birthday is coming up in two days. People at work (whom he said he really care about a lot) (he said I should include that line in case some of them sneak in to read his blog, especially someone called QQ) took him to a tonkatsu Japanese restaurant (one where they serve deep-fried breaded pork loin). After a hearty meal, they surprised him with a very creative birthday cake (pictured here).

Now, a lot can be said about the cake.

Firstly, there were 2 very fierced-looking pandas on top with round heads made from heart-stoppingly sweet white chocolate. Then there were a few chewy green-colored bamboo chocolates sticking out behind them (remember that pandas eat shoots and leaves unlike us cute brown bears who would choose a fillet of salmon anytime) and a chocolate fence to make sure they don't escape from the cake/platform. It was all so nice and sweet and Mr. B. said he was very touched although he very seldom expresses his feelings (you hear that, QQ?).

Anyhow, I heard there was a threat of posting the photos taken today. I am sure Mr. B. will not be too happy to see his old-looking self pasted in the digital world, but that's life, no? You get older by the year and you look older by the minute too...


QQ said...

Hello Becker, It's me "QQ"...cc! Ben is right, I always sneak into this blog to find some secret...hehe... The important thing is Ben like his surprised B-day lunch; next time, we can also prepare a Panda cake for you if you like (But I wonder if Becker like Panda as a birthday cake??? are they same species??) QQ

Becker said...

Nope. Becker doesn't like pandas. Humans treat them like royalties. Why don't they treat ME like royalty??? Besides, I don't like the way their eyes have black circles around them. Like they didn't have enough sleep! The truth is, we REAL bears have to catch fish, and these pandas have their food prepared for them in an air-conditioned rooms!!!! And all they do is eat and sleep and play!!!! Lazy slobs!

But thanks for posting your comments. I am really a nice bear once you get to know me.

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