23 January 2009

Blog Around The Clock

Did you enjoy the video I posted? I hope you did. A Whole New World is one of my favorite songs and I think it is most appropriate for this new blogger. It took me a while to figure out how to post that video...but I'm learning fast so be patience and I will keep adding other interesting features as we go along.

Mr. B. is going back to the Philippines tomorrow. It's his once-a-year trip to visit his family, relatives and friends. I've been there twice. It's a bit hot there for a furry creature like me. Notice me wearing sunglasses in the slideshow? That picture was taken in Manila a few years back. There I became friends with a few other furries like me - Pecker, Shimmie, Alfred, Lisa, other names I can't remember.

This year I am staying home. With this new blog going on, I must make sure someone is taking care of it. Besides, Mr. B. told the cleaner Lily to come clean the apartment next week (like we will mess it up when he's gone!) and I am responsible for handling the salary. Phew... a bear's got to do what a bear's got to do.

Mr. B. hasn't decided who to take to Manila this year. Russell goes "Me! me! me! me! me!" as usual but he's been there a few times too. Most likely candidates are Bonbon and Jonjon, the identical twins (since they are the most likely to fit into the remaining small space in Mr. B.'s luggage).

Tomorrow is also Mr. B. birthday. He will be spending half of the time in the airport, on the plane and in the car. Hopefully, A-Ma and A-Kong will have some surprise instore for him when he gets home. By the way, pictured here is Mr.B. bedroom in their Manila apartment. Nice, ha?

This will be it for today. We bears will be lining up in the living room and sing the Birthday Song to Mr. B. first thing tomorrow morning.

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