21 January 2009

Idol Eyes

Mr. B came home from work quite early today (well, 7.30pm is considered early for him) to catch American Idol on television. Somehow, he has this obsession about talent shows like this, specifically singing competitions. It makes me cringe (from the cabinet I perch on) watching him discuss local shows like Super Idol with his partner D. with so much enthusiasm, making his own judgments on how good or bad the performers are, on how stupid the judges' comments are, and the likes.

Well, I know Mr. B. do understand a bit about music (his iPod library could tell one so much about the type of person he is without even seeing him), I know he studied piano (one year) and classical guitar (one year) in his younger days. He also told me that there was a point in his life where he considered making a living out of singing in a band!

"I was in the choir in high school and our musical director inspired me so much that I took piano and guitar lessons and learned more about music. During my college freshman year, a few of us choir members who graduated formed a band called Bricklane and started rehearsing every week. That was one of the most joyous episodes of my life. We slowly built our repertoire of songs (my biggest solo being All My Life by the band America). We went around different hotel lobby bars to listen and learn from other show bands, hanged out at Shakey's for rootbeer and garlic bread (we couldn't even afford pizza!) and performed during our school activities."

"We were planning this big coming out concert but before it came into being, we disbanded for reasons too complicated to explain. For years, I couldn't stand watching bands perform. It used to make me so sad and disappointed that my dream never materialized. Then reason took over and I finished college an architect instead of a musician."

Years of cigarette smoking have turned Mr. B.'s voice more suitable for the bathroom than a concert hall. But I still watch him plug his earphones and dance around the living room to who-knows-what and once in a while, he still plays All My Life by America.

That's when I would notice the sparkle in his eyes.

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