24 February 2009

All You Have To Do Is Dream

So Mr. B. came home a caught the last 30 minutes of Dreamgirls on HBO and was all teary-eyed in the last scene. I realized he was melancholic for some other reasons.

When he was a little boy, Mr. B. excelled in most things artistic - before he was even 10 years of age, he won grand prizes in various singing, declamation and art competitions. He enjoyed being on stage blinded by the bright lights performing and not being able to see the audience. Before 12, he guested in local TV shows and almost got a part in a major stage play (but he backed out last minute). As he got older, he wanted to be a musician, an evangelist or an architect. He chose the latter one for practical reason. Then he started dreaming of becoming a screenwriter, a filmmaker, or perhaps an author.

Life took him to a totally different road. Now, Mr. B. is none of the above. He is a suit and tie guy working in an ultra-conservative company having to endure the pain of facing people he does not really care about. Sometimes he does wonder what would have happened if he took a different path. Would he be happier? Would his life be more fulfilling?

The cruel truth in life is that one will never ever know. Old dreams die or get killed. New dreams take place. They stay there until new ones come along.

And if you care to know, we bears don't dream of ever becoming something else. We just ARE. And we shall always BE.

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