14 February 2009

Friday the 13th - Part 1

Don't be scared. That's Bentley in the photo. He's actually very nice and quiet. He lives in Manila with Mr. B.'s parents and occupies his room for most of the year.

So I learned that today is the first of the 3 Friday the 13th's for 2009. How cool can that be? I also learned that humans are kinda wary about this day. Bad things are supposed to happen.

Well, what do you know? Bad news indeed for Mr. B. when he was informed first thing in the very early morning that his anticipated trip to Los Angeles has been cancelled. So is his trip to Chicago in May (but that bad thing is reserved for the next Friday the 13th because you don't want too many bad things happening).

Los Angeles brings some sort of nostalgia for Mr. B. He visited that place for the first time in 1999 as a side trip of his big San Francisco adventure. That was his first trip to the US with his first US Visa, his first taste of the American Dream so to speak. He has photos of Gloria Swanson's footprint in Graumann's Chinese Theater, walked along Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard (thinking of Norma Desmond probably), visited Univeral Studios, Long Beach and Disneyland. He was excited to see the Hollywood sign, the Hollywood Bowl, homes of the stars in Beverly Hills and all things fancy and superficial.

This time, he was supposed to make time to meet and catch up with a very good friend. One he fancied for a long time but nothing ever came out of it as friendship and mating do not work together well for humans. He feels very disappointed to miss the chance to smell the air of Bel-Air again.

Too bad.... I understand travelling is about the only thing that keeps him sane these days. Perhaps he is not yet ready for his close up, Mr. DeMille?

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