07 February 2009

Glamorous At 50

"I promise myself to look and feel fabulous when I reach 50!" Mr. B. excitedly proclaimed.

All his life, Mr. B. had been troubled with the way his age doesn't fit his looks (or should it be the other way around?). At 12, people thought his mother was his sister. 4 years ago, people thought they were husband and wife. He goes out with his partner D. and being mistaken as the father or uncle is a normal reaction he gets from people.

Life certainly plays a cruel joke on him. He must have spent a fortune fixing all there is to be fixed - teeth, skin, weight... but somehow he almost always ends up where he started. So frustrated that he doesn't look in the mirror much or enjoy having his picture taken. So sad...

"Becker," he told me tonight. "In 10 years time you will still look the same. So would Russell. So would Bonbon and Jonjon. So would the rest of the bear population. Why can't I be that way too?"

D. gave him a very strange look, like Mr. B. is going insane.

Vanity. A strange nature of humans.

He vows to start going back to the gym and lose weight. Then undergo some tanning process. Religiously do his facial rituals. Would he be in his most glamorous self when he reach 50? Who knows? Who cares? I don't. What I see is a man with a child's heart. One who finds joy in very simple things like a song he hasn't heard for a long time, a good movie, or a cuddly bear like me.

I don't think he would look any younger than he is now. But I know his heart will never grow old.

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