08 February 2009

Let Me Entertain You

The once quiet lane where I live will forever be changed! Today, Mr. B. decided to test the birthday gift he received from his mom and dad - a videoke microphone (see picture)! For about 6 hours (feels much, much longer than that!) he and D. took turn singing their hearts out. Some were good. Some bad. But most of them scored 100 points complete with fanfare and title that says "What an excellent singer!" I say, send that machine back! It's defective!

Truth be told, Mr. B. was an excellent singer during his days (as he himself said in a previous post - Idol Eyes), but years of cigarette smoking has badly affected the way he can reach or hold a high note. D., on the other hand, has a great singing voice, but limited experience in singing in English language affected the performances.

By 12 midnight, they decided to stop singing before the neighbors call the police, but made a pact to practice more often in the coming weekends.

As they called it a night and parted ways, I think I heard "Love Is In The Air". It's been a great day today.

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