15 February 2009

One World, One Song

Today the world is in chaos
And we all are confused.
To love our fellow humans
Is something we must teach the world.
If only each heart knows how to love
Peace and joy would be attained.

We are all equal
Under the grace of God.
Hope we stand shoulder to shoulder
Ready to help anyone in need.
If only each person knows how to love
Whichever race or language
Would all come together.

Je'taime, Te Amo, I Love You
Watashiwa Anata o Aishite Imasu
Ich Liebe Dich, Iniibig Kita
Gua Ay Di
Whichever way you say it
Let us teach the whole world
The only remedy is Love.

One World, One Song, One Exclamation

Thanks to akocomyk for developing and posting this video on YouTube.

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