16 February 2009

Snooze It!

Bears hibernate. Humans sleep. Unfortunately for Mr. B., both don't come easy to him. He hardly had any personal holidays to really relax and have fun due to work schedules. And he doesn't seem to be getting the kind of rest he needs as well.

It was at that time of his life during his failed relationship with L. (whom I met) when he developed insomnia. For a few years, he depended on sleeping aids just to get him a proper rest. He even developed an intense phobia on his bed.
The thing is that his sleeps are oftened troubled with dreams - vivid and involving all the 5 senses. He has heard music, tasted food, seen colors, flew, ran, killed, loved, anything you can imagine. He tried keeping a dream log one time but grew tired of it when he couldn't recall much of his encounters when he awakens.
Another thing is that Mr. B. thinks / worries too much, and it is very often right when he totally unwinds and lie in bed that images of unfinished jobs and unresolved matters would one by one flicker in his mind. In his solitude he wonders about his future, his family, about D., about his job, about his friends, people around him, people he work with...
Sometimes, when things become unbearable, he would take me to his bed and cuddle me to sleep.

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