19 February 2009

Tatiana's Dream

So there she was, standing for the whole of America to judge. Will she be able to pursue her dream? Will she be able to do what she likes to do best in life? America said NO.

I find this a bit strange about humans (well, about reality shows in particular). Humans like to see other people being judged, to be told what you can or cannot do. People are casted aside, voted off, fired, laid off - the good ones stay, the bad ones go. And it is fellow humans who do the decision. Then there are those who actually MAKE the decisions, those who have the power, those who impose what they believe to be good or bad or mediocre.

In a lot of ways, it reminds me of this person Mr. B. works with - a person of adequate power yet questionable ability. You think you are right and everyone else is wrong, that you are intellectually far more superior than the one next to you. That you have the right to call other people "the little ones" or "those little girls". Mr. B. finds that derogatory but he chose to stay silent. Maybe because he doesn't want to be voted off...

So Tatiana Nicole Del Toro was voted off the first batch of 12 in American Idol. Perhaps we will never see more of her. Perhaps she will take her dreams somewhere else - where people will be less judgmental.

Photo Source : www.americanidol.com

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