22 February 2009

Tea For Two

Mr. B.'s dear friend K. from Bangkok is visiting for a few days. They met 7 years ago when K. was then living and working in Taipei. Now that K. has already moved to Bangkok and started a fashion accessories business, they see each other about twice a year.

Mr. B. told me that what he enjoyed most during K.'s visit is when they are just chilling at home, smoking, eating junk food and having tea. That's when they catch up on the latest things about their lives, gossip about other people and bitch about life in general (oooppps, did a nice bear just say "bitch"?). They would talk and talk for hours until one of them drops (usually Mr. B. because he has to work the next day).

As they were coming home from their once favorite bar tonight, Mr. B. wondered out loud if they would continue doing so when they both get old. I am sure they will. Things will definitely change as time goes on but I am very sure there will always be tea, there will always be stories and gossips, there will always be friendship shared.

It's been a good day today.

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