16 January 2009

Mr. B.'s Life in 100 Sentences

1. He was born in Manila, Philippines on the day the East German government readopts conscription.
2. He was the first born in a family with 2 brothers and a sister.
3. He had to be forced to get up in the morning to go to kindergarten.
4. He acted as the Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood in their kindergarten school play.
5. His idea of a perfect snack as a kid was pork rind and orange soda.
6. He never liked wearing pants as a toddler so he was almost always naked in pictures taken at home.
7. The only time he would put on shorts was when a record was being played, so he can sit next to the speakers.
8. He was very fascinated with the way 78rpm records spun wildly on the turntable.
9. He called his mother “sister” because that’s how the housemaid addressed his mother.
10. He used to talk on the phone for hours with a grade school friend called Angelina.
11. He had severe sinusitis that he had to be sent to his grandmother’s place when their house was being cleaned.
12. He was afraid to stay in school too late because bats would fly around the building in the evening.
13. He was assigned to raise the flag in the morning ceremony and did it “wrong side up” signifying war.
14. He once had a poodle he named Hemtut Helmut.
15. He once had teddy bear called Bon Ami.
16. He used to stage “shows” to his siblings using dolls while playing Gloria Gaynor’s “Never Can Say Goodbye”.
17. His family once had more than 30 parakeets in their apartment.
18. He once sold pineapple slices outside his grandma’s house.
19. He always wanted to be an architect because he was fascinated with buildings and loved to doodle.
20. He is right-handed.
21. He got caught in the only time he ever cheated in an exam.
22. His best high school friends were Johnny and Emmanuel. He has since lost touch with both.
23. He joined the high school choral just to get away from Physical Education which he was not good at.
24. He was in a show band called Bricklane playing acoustic guitar.
25. He studied piano and classical guitar for a year.
26. He smoked his first cigarette when he was in college.
27. He had his first sex when he was 19.
28. He loves sex and all his friends know that.
29. He thinks he doesn’t get enough sex.
30. He only skipped school once in college when a whole group of friends decided to ride bump car in the mall.
31. He almost died at 21 when he was drugged and robbed.
32. He studied screenwriting from the famous Ricky Lee as one of the first member of the Writer’s Studio.
33. His first full length movie script was called “Whisper”. It never got filmed.
34. He still misses his very good friend and former colleague Paul Clark from his first job.
35. His idea of a great afternoon snack as an adult was spaghetti with ketchup and hamburger (together).
36. He had his first serious relationship when he was 23.
37. He moved to Taiwan on the day the Dow Jone Industrial Average
closes above 2,500 mark for the first time.
38. He once adopted a stray Siamese cat he called El Gato.
39. He was denied entrance at a club called Buffalo Town in Taipei because he wasn’t a white foreigner.
40. He was discriminated many times in his first few years in Taiwan.
41. He bought a hideous suit with his first salary in Taiwan because that was the only thing he could afford.
42. He had his second serious relationship when he was 26.
43. He was in London in 1997 two days after Princess Diana died in the car crash.
44. His biggest hero is Andrew Lloyd-Webber.
45. He has seen The Phantom of the Opera over 5 times.
46. He is one of the very few people in Taiwan who has seen Sunset Boulevard with Patti LuPone playing Norma.
47. He is a self-proclaimed anglophile.
48. He has traveled to most major cities in the world but loves London the most.
49. His idea of heaven is being left in a large DVD or record shop like Virgin or HMV.
50. His all-time favorite holiday destination is Bangkok because it is cheap and fun.
51. He loves massages.
52. He went backpacking and walked in the streets of Paris at 6 in the morning with no hotel to stay in.
53. He was so overwhelmed that he cried inside the Basilique du Sacre-Coueur.

54. He is not religious but makes it a point to visit Catholic churches when he travels.
55. While holding a degree in architecture, none of his jobs after graduation was related to architecture.
56. He considers his job in the English newspaper China News as the best in his life.
57. He speaks Mandarin, English, Hokkien and Tagalog – all with varied accents.
58. He has been trying to learn Spanish for many years but still cannot manage a short conversation.
59. He is a great fan of Latin pop music.
60. He loves Amistades Peligrosas – the group.
61. He got drunk and wept through his last big birthday party many years ago.
62. He doesn’t like talking about his age.
63. He DJ'd for a club called The Source for 2 years playing 80’s, house, Latin and tribal.
64. His pseudonym as a DJ was Masterbeat and he has a baseball cap with that name especially embroidered.
65. He can do a number of card tricks.
66. He currently owns more than 10 fluffy teddy bears. Each has a name and his own unique character.
67. Becker is the one who owns this blog and Russell wants to be a travel show host when he grows up.
68. If he is made to choose between cat and dog, he would choose a cat anytime.
69. He currently manages a team of women of various shapes and sizes, but all nice people in their own ways.
70. He has an inherent difficulty in remembering the names of people he knows.
71. He has an inherent difficulty in remembering the difference between “charge” and “collect”.
72. He has been told that his cooking is great.
73. He is proud of his watercress soup, braised pork and carbonara sauce.
74. He always says his mentality may be Western but his stomach is definitely Chinese.
75. He makes it a point to give Christmas gifts only to people he cares about.
76. There are only a few people he works with that he really cares about.
77. He is worried about his uncontrollable weight gain.
78. He promises to go to the gym more religiously.
79. He has a collection of 100’s of DVDs and worries that the technology may someday be obsolete.
80. He never admitted it but cried in a few movies.
81. He has almost 7000 songs in his iPod as of February 2009.
82. He never bought any of the iPods he ever owned.
83. He was told he has a good singing voice.
84. He doesn’t like to look in the mirror too much.
85. He doesn’t like his photo taken too much.
86. He doesn’t like hot drinks and avoids them if he can.
87. He is a smoker but not much of a drinker.
88. He is a good-hearted, good-natured person.
89. He doesn’t like women who try to be cute.
90. He does not drive and can not balance himself on a bicycle.
91. He has phobia with water and drowning.
92. He can only fall asleep on his side.
93. He started his blog in 2009 and named it Becker’s Eyes as a tribute to the teddy bear he loves most.
94. His biggest dream is to be able to write one novel in his lifetime. He already has a title to this novel.
95. He is currently in a relationship.
96. He loves his mom and dad the most.
97. He is close with his little sister.
98. He is an evening person and never likes waking up too early.
99. It takes him an hour to get ready to work.
100. He wished more people would read my blog.


Sylvia said...

Not far from the one I knew.. you are very real. Only I didn't know you have a CAT!!!!!

Becker said...

Yes, Mr. B. used to have a cat but I am glad El Gato is gone now, otherwise he would scratch me!!!

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