09 March 2009

The Big Bad Bear

Can you believe that? I recently found out about this wildly popular Japanese cartoon character called Gloomy Bear. Supposed to be an antithesis to trying-to-be-cute characters such as Hello Kitty (the English cat with no mouth), this huge 2-meter tall pink bear is violent and attacks and eats human. And kids find him "kawaii" (cute in Japanese language).

The designer of Gloomy Bear, Mori Chack, believes that humans and animals are incompatible, and that animals are wild by nature. That is why Gloomy Bear is often shown blood stained and striking humans. He is even said to attack the little boy who rescued him from abandonment.

Maybe this Mori Chack has some social or political message he wishes to convey through his creation. But whatever it is, I don't get it. And using a bear character like that is definitely unacceptable to me. It gives us bears a bad name.

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