22 March 2009

Games People Play

Mr. B. spent a great deal of time playing video games today. No, not the type that sprays bullets and kill other human beings, but those that are fun and require a tiny bit of knowledge. His favorite would be the Family Feud series because it reminds him of one of his favorite TV shows as a child.

For totally mindless fun, he plays Burger Island where you race with time making burgers, fries and shakes to make enough money to please the boss (he burned burgers many times). He also played Kudos, a game where you control your chosen life. You decide where to work, who to hang out with, and what to do to relax and grow your abilities. He is now a reclusive but accomplished surgeon with no friends who likes to take a bath and read books to relax. (hmmmm... doesn't sound that much different in real life...)

Tonight, he received an email from a friend J. who announced her civil wedding in the US. Mr. B. and J. has been friends for about 20 years although they seldom get in touch since J. works in Shanghai (China). Mr. B. never met the boyfriend but from J.'s description, he seems to be a great person with much success in life. Most likely, J. will be moving to the United States for good and Mr. B. felt kinda sad because it will be much harder to see each other in person now. (And it's strange because it's not like they keep in close touch all these time).

Well, that's human life. So different from Kudos. It just keeps moving along. You can't just quit and save the game to play later.

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