13 March 2009

I Don't Mean To Be Rude

Part of Mr. B.'s job is to develop TV commercials for his products. This morning, the creative agency that handles the project presented 5 different storylines to choose from. Even while the stories are being presented, Mr. B. already knew none of them would work. When it was his turn to give comments, he reluctantly said "I'm sorry but none of these storylines attracts me."

The room must have turned 10 degrees colder for a few seconds, and the creative director demanded to know exactly what Mr. B. meant by that. The answer was quite simple, very simple in fact that it was so hard to explain in too many words. It was just plain bland and as exciting as watching coffee drips from the machine. How can you wrap that in colored paper?

In retrospect, Mr. B. told me he felt like Simon Cowell (whom he respects a lot). Mr. Cowell tells it like it is with no frills. You take it or leave it. But in almost all cases, his instinct was right. Instinct that came from his years of working in the music industry. Now Mr. B. studied screenwriting from a respected and award-winning screenwriter. Humble as he is, he knows what works for the audience and what doesn't. In the end, the person he takes order from and people he give orders to tried to iron out the situation by trying to explain what Mr. B. thought. So the room was again filled with a cloud of comments.

Yet the bottom line remains that they were not good enough. Why waste time trying to explain? Why even be apologetic about it? Mr. B. said he can argue with Ang Lee why he thinks his movies are lacking in humanity and he can tell him why he disagrees but the point is that, they still don't work for him. How can that be challenged?

With that, Mr. B. vowed to always speak his mind regardless of what others think. This bear says, "You Go, Mr. B.!!!"
photo credit : www.towleroad.com

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