17 March 2009

In The Land Of The Rednecks

Last week, an opposition party lawmaker in Taiwan accused Kuo Kuan-ying (pictured), head of information chief at Taiwan’s office in Toronto, of having posted articles describing Taiwan as a "ghost island" and native Taiwanese as "rednecks" and "Japanese pirates" under different aliases in various blogs over a period of time. There was an overwhelming amount of public uproar regarding this incident. All the more embarassing is the fact that this hoopla comes at the time when 1600 mainland Chinese is in the island for a visit. While Kuo faces disciplinary action of allegedly insulting Taiwan, many are not satisfied with the government's decision to recall him from Canada to be transfered to a non-executive position back home.

Guilty or not, I find it quite amusing for humans to insult and degrade his own kind this way. Even when Mr. B. agrees that there are indeed some "rednecks" in his place of work, he really wouldn't generalize this to the whole of Taiwan population.

Now I am convinced with the power of blog and blogging. Before I get chastised, I am now officially retracting my inappropriate earlier comment about another species of bear - the panda - about how lazy they are spending their days sleeping or sitting around, doing nothing but chewing on bamboo and had everything done for them.

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