02 March 2009

Paper Faces On Parade

Mr. B. is soooo excited tonight! He just booked his tickets for The Phantom of the Opera 11 July evening performance! He must have seen the musical about 6 times (starting in London in 1997). His love for this musical was such that he attempted to play the part (well, the last 20 minutes of it) in a company party many years ago with his colleagues lip-synching Christine and Raoul (see photo for this historical event). When the film version came out a few years ago, he was literally counting the number of day before it opened in the local cinema and was there in the queue on the very first screening (he actually watched it 3 times after).

"There is a little Phantom in every one of us," said Mr. B. "We all have a part of us that we hide, a part we deemed to be imperfect by the society's standards, yet despite of that, we are still capable of giving and loving in our own personal way."

That's probably why he find the musical so real and endearing. He told me he cried everytime he watched it. But for now, he is dancing around the room with ecstacy. I say, anything that makes him forget the annoying, self-righteous people he works with, albeit for only a short time, is good. All good.

This is not a bad day after all.

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