21 March 2009

Reboot Time

Mr. B. did not go to work today. He was on holiday. Waking up to a squeaky clean house (his cleaner just got back from a 2-week vacation herself). He spend the day having foot spa - foot bath + foot scrub + foot massage.
After that, he went shopping for food and bought bread (yummy!), fruits, cereals and other supplies for the next few days. He then came home to cook Chicken and Pork Adobo - a popular dish from the Philippines. He also bought Singaporean dried pork (which D. forbade him to eat because of its high fat content).

Since D. will be cramming for a licensing exam on Monday, Mr. B. expects to spend the weekend all by himself. He already install a number of games in his computer in anticipation of this 'alone time'. I guess he was really looking forward to this planned long weekend.

That's good. We bears can have more time cuddling with him this weekend!

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