01 March 2009


Mr. B. has been to many places in his lifetime. He travels a lot for work and for leisure. At his age he has seen things and met people, too many that sometimes he admits having a hard time trying to match faces and places.

In this life journey, it is easy for humans to forget who they are. They mostly assume the role of whatever they do for a living or their status in the community they live in. So this one is the rich doctor, that one is the respected lawyer, the other one is a well-known businessman, that one in the corner is the poor taxi driver.

"Whenever I go back home to the Philippines, I remember who I am." said Mr. B.

Perhaps confronted with old yet familiar surroundings - the sights, sounds and smell of things from decades ago, he is taken back to his very roots, the very essence of who he is. And who he is now is still who he was way before, only better clothed, better fed, better educated, with a bit more money in his pocket.

Is it as important who you are before as it is who you are now? Would an employer care? Would a lover care? Would the society even give it a thought? Does leaving home looking for a better life also means abandoning your old self and assuming a new one? Can one really get away from one's past?

Mr. B. said that perhaps one day when he is already old, he will retire in the Philippines. Maybe when the time comes, he will abandon his current identity and return to be his own person. The person he always was, and always will be.

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Thanks for visiting my little place on the web. I am happy to know more about you and Mr B and will revisit!

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