05 March 2009

Tatiana's Dream - The Second Shot

And so it goes, 4 kind souls decided that Tatiana should be given another chance to pursue her dream. The much-hated (based on the volume of online hate comments) Puerto Rican drama queen will now sing in the wildcard show of American Idol for yet another chance to be part of the Top 12 circle. I see two sides of human nature here:

One - that humans can be open and forgiving. It is rare to be given an opportunity to live your dream. It is even more rare to be given a second chance after you failed the first time.

Two - that humans can be so cruel. The American public already shunned her once. So for whatever reason (most likely to add excitement to the show), the 4 judges are bringing her back to be snubbed and ridiculed by the public all over again.

I personally think that Tatiana will not make it to the Top 12, and that she will be devastated the second time when voting comes. Poor girl. But we'll see.

Sometimes I really don't understand humans and the message they are trying to send. I should ask Mr. B. about this.

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