03 March 2009

To Have And To Hold

The topic at lunch today was wedding as one of Mr. B.'s colleague is planning to tie the knots this summer. Somehow the discussion that started with planning, guests list, settings and all that beautiful stuffs turned into an exchange of the reality of life after the wedding day which is not all that beautiful.

Wedding is another strange human ritual as far as we bears are concern. You have two human beings asking a lot of other human beings to come together to eat, drink and make fun of the two being wed. A lot of time, effort and money will be put into the planning of this day, And after all is said and done, the two will pronounce themselves husband and wife, while the rest of the human guests will go home and get on with their own lives.

I am not trying to sound sarcastic. I just do not understand it.

But Mr. B. told me that he too dreamt of a day like that. Being in a relationship for 6 years, he said that it will be great to honor your partner and celebrate that love with people he cares about. He dreamt about an evening of music, food, laughter, most importantly, the blessings of family and friends. I guess it is very important to know that you are loved and accepted, and that joy and happiness is share in that one special day of your life...

Mr. B. said I will be his Best Bear on his wedding day.

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