11 March 2009

Will I Lose My Dignity?

We bears hunt for our food. We go to the stream and catch salmon, my personal favorite. A particular species of us munch on bamboos all day long, but generally, we get our own food. It's a totally different story with humans. They cover themselves with clothes, squeeze their necks (as in the case of Mr. B.) with a long piece of fabric rightfully called ties and go to a place where they "work". That's how they get something called money to buy their food.

In that "work" place, there are other humans whom you take orders from, and those you give orders to. The stress, as Mr. B. says, comes from trying to make it work smoothly.

Mr. B. has been quite stress of late primarily due to another human he takes orders from. This particular human has made him either toss and turn in bed trying to sleep on some nights or drift into unbelievably violent nightmares on others. By his own admission, he says it must be his own doing. He must have pasted the word "Welcome" on his forehead so he can be stepped on like a doormat. But that doesn't make him feel any better.

You see, some humans like to play the corporate games. In my opinion, they probably have no life other than the one in that "work" place so they somehow need to feel a sense of achievement - and that's in the form of making the lives of others miserable. And to what end? To be admired? Hated? Feared? Liked? Is there really dignity in surrending to this power tripping? On the other side of the coin, will one really lose one's dignity in choosing not to fall into this seemingly endless trap? After all, "working" is just a means to an end which is to "eat".

I'd rather go fishing.

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