11 April 2009

Did He Die For Me Too?

Today is Good Friday. The day when Jesus was supposed to have been nailed to the cross and died for mankind. Today was just another day for Mr. B. He had an extended lunch meeting with his boss while chomping down on spaghetti with meatballs and half a roast beef wrap. I am sure it was just another day for many other people as well. When he came home tonight, he lighted two candles and wrote "I ate meat today and forgot that Jesus died for me" in his Facebook.

When he was a little boy, the Holy Week was far from being ordinary. Schools were closed. Shops were closed. There's nothing on TV except reruns of The Robe and some classic religious films. His mother would only serve fish and vegetables, no meat, and everyone at home would be somber.

Today, these things don't seem to mean anything to him anymore. I never knew Mr. B. as a religious person but I believe he is at least God-fearing. While not practicing his faith more fervently, I understand that he makes it a point to visit churches in the different countries he goes to in order to give thanks for the wonderful life he is blessed with. I guess as he grows older and wiser, he learned to be more spiritual in a more personal way, stripped of the practices he learned from his youth.

It makes me think. Did Jesus die for me too? Is there a place for me in heaven too? I sure hope so, because Mr. B. will be lonely without me by his side up there.

For now, I guess Mr. B. will just let his trials and tribulations sink in a gentle pool of wine...

Video: Steve Balsamo singing Andrew Lloyd Webber's Gethsemane.

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