22 April 2009

The Earth Day Stood Still

Happy Earth Day!

Oh! Okay.... I guess this is something to be "happy" about... Earth Day.... so what are we celebrating about? It is said to be a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. Fair enough.

Yahoo! turned green. Cliparts of humans hugging the Earth. On top of the search list is Walmart (probably one of the major contributors of global garbage). In their site are advertisements for "green products" enticing people to buy more expensive products that are supposed to be good for the environment. Next in search list is Ford Motors (probably another major contributor) talking about how they "did it!", meaning, expensive hybrid cars, which are also supposed to be environmental friendly. Tips and articles from experts thrown in to make sure surfers are educated on how one should turn off the lights when leaving a room empty. Okay...

Earth Day. Started in 1970. Almost 40 years on, they still couldn't figure out if we should celebrate this for a day (Earth Day), a week (Earth Week), or a month (Earth Month). And don't forget World Environment Day and World Party Day.

And what do people do during this celebration? They show movies about rivers clogged with garbage, smoggy cities and catastropic weather. Experts appear on TV talk shows posed as Nostradamus predicting the end of the world. Some would plant a tree (and probably leave it there to tend for itself after), Others gather in groups and pick up garbage in the parks. Some brings reusable shopping bags (best if they have "I Love Earth" printed on them). Some blame the government. Some blame other countries. Some blame other humans. I won't be surprise if some even blame God.

I find these all very amusing, And scary. When will humans come to a realization that this is not an awareness campaign?

I think it all boils down to one thing - that humans (okay, man) should try to be self-sufficient as much as possible and make it their lifestyle to avoid wastage - too much bags, too much clothes, too much food, too much of everything unnecessary every day of their lives. If Earth Day remains to be just about a few people campaigning relentlessly to an indifferent rest of the world (or worse, for its own benefits, like Walmart), I think this could be a lost battle.

And that's just a humble opinion of a self-sufficient bear.

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