04 April 2009

Funny Farm Adventures

I have to say this again - humans are strange. Everyday, they go to one specific place to work for a living. A place comprising of other human beings of all sorts of shapes, sizes and characters. While most people would describe this place as "Hell", Mr. B. thinks of his place of work as a "Funny Farm". Here are some of the strange creatures to be found there (and these are HIS descriptions, not mine):

1. A trying-to-be-neo-holistic person who was suspected to have practiced voodoo rituals.
2. A clueless person who has been a corporate frozen delight forever.
3. A deadweight who finds consolation in a suspected illicit affair.
4. A broken record who can spend 30 minutes deciding where to eat.
5. A whining prima donna playing a victim's role.
6. A scheming person vested as a clown.
7. A frog waiting hopelessly for a prince.
8. A frog who can't wait to have tadpoles.
Those are just some of the many. Obviously, Mr. B. already made himself at home in the funny farm since he was able to survive 6 years in there, but he recently confessed to me that his tolerance does have a limitation, and the threshold is stupidity - defined as the property a person instantiates by virtue of having low intelligence or poor learning ability.

Mr. B. does not claim to be a genius himself but somehow, these patience testers do make his blood pressure go beserk. When he is out of luck, he would sometimes have to deal with 2 to 3 of these for a few days straight.

According to Walter B. Pitkin in his book A Short Introduction to the History of Stupidity:
"Stupidity can easily be proved the supreme Social Evil. Three factors combine to establish it as such. First and foremost, the number of stupid people is legion. Secondly, most of the power in business, finance, diplomacy and politics is in the hands of more or less stupid individuals. Finally, high abilities are often linked with serious stupidity."

I think Mr. B. is in serious trouble.

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