12 April 2009

He Rises And He Reigns

I know it's so late in the evening (well, morning to be precise) but this cuddly bear has done some reflections on life which is quite befitting considering it's Easter Sunday. Mr. B. told me today is Ascension Day which is probably the same as resurrection, meaning Jesus rose from the dead to return to his home in the spiritual world.

I actually find it quite confusing because some humans believe it and some don't. There are supposed to be a number of evidence to prove that it was real - such as a rock bearing the imprint of Jesus' right foot as he ascended to heaven, or a linen cloth bearing the image of a crucified man.

Regardless of what the truth might be, the world celebrates this day by decorating, rolling, pacing or tapping eggs. Also, rabbits come into the picture. So do colorful costumes and family picnics. I also learned that now, one cannot even call this day Easter Sunday anymore, but just plain Spring Holiday, so as to be politically correct. These make everything even more confusing for a naive bear like me.

Now you understand why I say humans are strange.

Video : Australian Christian pop band Newsboys singing He Reigns.

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