08 April 2009

It's All Rubbish

Mr. B.'s life revolves around trash. No, I don't mean the people he work with although it's close to that (he he!). I mean garbage, or more precisely, the elimination of it. You see, in the area where we live, garbage is collected only on certain days of the week, only at the exact same time - 10.38pm, only at the exact same location and only for 10 short minutes. You miss the truck, you go back home carrying your bag of goodies.

I know it's strange to tell friends "I can't go out with you tonight because it's garbage collection day." But how can he tell people that the pile of garbage sitting in our apartment for a while has started a colony of strange creatures and he has to get rid of it fast! It won't be exaggeration to say that it has affected his social life. And I can't be of help either. What would people say seeing a cute, cuddly bear like me dragging a huge bag of trash in the streets?

Sometimes Mr. B. thinks it would be great if he could deal with people the same way - you can only talk to me on certain days of the week, only at certain times and only for 10 minutes. If you miss me, you have to wait for the next round. But the reality of life is that people dump their garbage on you anytime they feel like it, especially people at work.

In that sense, garbage trucks are better than humans.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha~ it's really a good idea. we should tell the people at work place that 'you can only talk to me at certain time and only for 10 mins'.

by a panda ^^

Becker said...

yes i agree with you completely. and YOUR time to talk to me is every first Monday morning of every other month at 3.00am to 3.10am. thanks for posting. go chew on bamboo now.

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