13 April 2009

A Pair Of Couch Taros

Today was a good day. Mr. B. took a leave of absence from funny farm and spent the entire morning running around the city to get some official papers done for his brother who is immigrating. He was able to reach home before it rained hard around noontime.
We spent the rest of the afternoon watching Discovery Channel where they showed brown bears catching salmon by the river and other strange hunting practices of other species. Stranger to think that while mother nature provides quite enough for all other species eat and live, humans are the only ones who have to work, to dress, to cook and pay mortgage for the place they live.

Mr. B. made Taro and Chicken Pot for lunch, then indulged in snacks all afternoon (I hope D. is not reading this!). It was fun to just be cuddling (and yes we talked!) together on the sofa doing and thinking nothing.
This is one of those little things that made Mr. B. and I happy.

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