18 April 2009

Susan Dreamed A Dream

I am so amazed at how one's life can change within 7 days. Susan Boyle, a odd-looking Scottish lady sang in Britain's Got Talent which was aired on 11 April 2009. Seven days on...

1. 20 million people have watched her performance on YouTube.
2. Her story appeared in newspapers in the UK, US, Canada, China, Germany, Macau, Australia, Korea and Portugal.
3. She was interviewed (via satellite) by major US channels ABC, CBS and Fox.
4. She has caught the attention of celebrities such as Demi Moore, Drew Barrymore and Patti LuPone (who's I Dreamed A Dream was the definite version in my humble opinion).
5. She has her page in Wikipedia.
6. She now has a fansite.
7. Sony BMG us now talking to her for a possible recording deal.

All in 7 short days.

So why did this humble lady with bushy eyebrows become such a worldwide phenomenon? I think the answer is simple: because humans still do not believe that beauty can come out of a odd-looking shell. Humans cannot comprehend why such a strong contrast can exist within the same person. In short, humans are still very much judgmental about others.

Imagine if Paul Potts is a dashing, irresistably handsome man and Susan Boyle is a sultry, sexy vamp, would people care at all? Perhaps not. So now they call them "inspiring" and place them under the tremendous pressure of having to be the role model of every one not-so-beautiful.

In many ways, it is unfair that they both have to work harder to earn the respect of other human beings than those who are deemed beautiful.

Anyhow, Paul Potts is now a millionaire living his dream, maybe Susan Boyle will follow soon.


Anonymous said...

I saw her performance in the news, she really sings well~

Becker said...

If you put the link of my popular blog in your blog, maybe I will become popular in 7 days too and humans will start interviewing me! Thanks for dropping by!

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