10 May 2009

All About My Mother

Unlike humans, we bears only get to stay with our moms for about 2 years. After that we're on our way to live our own lives. Most often, we never get to see them ever again. But that doesn't mean that we're not close to our moms. Like humans, our moms take very good care of us and teach us many important life lessons - like how to catch salmon in the river (a skill I don't get to use anymore, although I can scratch you if you make me angry). They would take us little cubs by the stream and catch salmon for us to eat while we wait by the bank (because the current is so strong and we're afraid to be swept away). We also spend a lot of time playing and cuddling in the grass, which I really like.
Mr. B.'s mom is a wonderful human being. While she didn't catch salmon for him like my mom did, it was from her that Mr. B. learned to appreciate the finer things in life - arts, food, music, film, theater (his mom is a good artist, good cook and was an actress/singer in her youth). She is a constant source of inspiration for everything Mr. B. does in life.

I do think about my mom a lot, so does Mr. B. When we do, we would hug each other. We are each other's mom, dad, brother and friend. I know we will be together not only for 2 years but for a very, very long time.

To all human moms and bear moms - Happy Mother's Day!

photo credits : Mila Zinkova and Mr, B.'s dad

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