09 May 2009


Mr. B. works in a company that makes tablets claiming to be complete, meaning, it is good for you. It really doesn't matter how many ingredients the tablet is made from, it is complete, because they said so. But that is not the topic of today's post because I personally don't care about their product. I only need my berries, roots and salmon, and I'm happy.

37-year-old Welsh Jamie Pugh is a warehouse van driver by day and delivers pizza by night. The one thing that would make him happy is to sing in front of a large audience with a full orchestra. Only problem is, he has a tremendous stage freight that cripples him when he is on stage. So I guess he must have mustered a lot of courage to finally decided to stand in front of thousands of people under the critical eyes of 3 judges to sing Bring Him Home from Les Miserables (quite a difficult song to sing too). The response as you can see in the video was so overwhelming that he was totally dumbfounded after the performance.

"Just for this brief moment, I feel complete." Jamie Pugh recalled.

What really makes a person complete? From what I understand about humans, I could think of many: a partner, children, money, car, house, career. The human society seems to dictate that the lack of one or more of the above means that your are wanting as a person and therefore could not be complete and happy.

For Jamie Pugh, that few minutes on stage must have been a life-changing experience - at once terrifying and fulfilling. It could have been all that he ever wanted and nothing more. Whether he made a career out of that, I believe, is not the point of his story and most probably not his major intention. Not the fame and not the fortune. For one day, he will look back and recall this moment in his life and remember how good it was for him.

He has found the ultimate vitamin for the soul. How many of us, humans and bears, can say the same?


Anonymous said...

ha ha,same here, I don't care about whatever the tablet is. I only need my potato chips, chocolate and biscuit. ^^

by panda

Becker said...

what an unhealthy diet! don't forget bamboo!

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