21 May 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane

I'm so excited about my upcoming vacation! The reason why I won over all the other bears is because I own this blog and I promise Mr. B. to post some vacation pictures here. Our destination is still a secret to me but I was given a photo as a clue (see photo). Maybe someone can help me figure out where we are going.

Since we will be away for a few days, I shall not have access to computer and will not be able to update my blog. I apologize to all my fans. Rest assured when we come back, I will show you a lot of pictures from our holidays!
Mr. B. says he is very happy to be away from the farm if only for a few days. He and D. promised each other that there shall be no mentioned of anything pertaining to their respective farms once we board the plane.
I shall miss you all for a few days!
PS: Mr. B. just told me the clue on where we are going is in the text. Hmmmm... can anyone help?


Sheep MM said...

Sydney! Oh, i am sure you, Mr.B and D will have a nice vacation, and maybe you can find some clothes with Kangaroo for yourself. you might want to suggest Mr.B to bring a Kangaroo or Koala back to the farm, Ha!

Anonymous said...

I lost the 1st place of comment area >,<
Anyway, enjoy your vocation and sunshine, say hello to the other kind of bear who always sleep and eat :P.

by Panda

Becker said...

thank you for your best wishes! i am sure i will enjoy my vacation! keep reading until i get back!!!!

to dear panda, i will say hello to another species of bear there. i haven't decided if i will like them yet.

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