06 May 2009

Nothing To Wear

While everyone at home is excitedly discussing who gets to go with Mr. B. on holidays, I got one problem. I have nothing to wear. I mean, I can't go because I simply have nothing to wear. Russell has a number of colorful shirts, leather jacket, pants, jeans and shoes. The twins Bonbon and Jonjon have their matching tropical island shirts and shorts. Cornelius is still wearing his Christmas costume (stolen, well, borrowed from Harry of Harrods). Even big guy Bradson has a nice, blue green Hawaiian shirt. But me, all I got is a t-shirt that says "TV Bear". Not that Mr. B. doesn't take good care of me. He tried very hard to find something that would fit me but just couldn't find any. Most clothes are just too small for my size. Needless to say, I refuse to go on holidays without pants on. What would people say?

Mr. B. told me he has the same problem. Within the last year or so, he has grown so fat he couldn't fit into any of his work shirts. Two months ago, he decided to spend a fortune to have some shirts tailor-made for him. Better than going to work with his front buttons threatening to burst any time. He also bought super size pants that were so big the waist is almost around his chest. He already ripped a couple of his work pants while at work (hopefully no one noticed) with just a simple action of bending over to pick something up. It is at once funny and sad to see how much he struggles to keep his weight down. I think he is one of those people who gain weight just by breathing air.

I personally think his problem is not his weight but his height. If he were 3 feet taller, his weight would be perfect.

photo credit : www.fotosearch.com


Anonymous said...

Come on, you are wearing 'natural coat', and, you have to go with Mr. B so you can share the travel diary on the blog.

by Panda who was always requested to be the watchdog >,<

Becker said...

dear panda who is assigned to be a princess' watchdog: yes i do have a nice, brown, natural coat. and you, have you look behind you (that part of your body where you sit) lately? the white hair there has also a brown coat of something else. love, becker.

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