30 May 2009

A Room With A View

Sometimes when we are so engrossed with the humdrum of life, we forgot to open our windows and look out, for inspite of what we think is the whole world that is our problem, there is a big world out there. That is the biggest lesson I learned from my recent holiday trip with Mr. B. and D. We took a photo of the view in our balcony at dusk and couldn't believe how beautiful the sky can be, how clean the air smelled and how much joy and happiness appreciating these bring to our hearts.

It was a very fulfilling trip for all of us. Mr. B. and D. met up with friends, catched up on what's happening with each other's lives. We enjoyed the fresh air, the wonderful views, great food and great company. D. shopped a lot. Mr. B. didn't buy anything. I bought fudge for Russell (he likes them a lot). I wasn't able to find clothes my size so I am still wearing the same shirt.

All in all, fun was had by everyone, especially me. I hope there will be more chances for us to go on holidays together.

Photo by D.


Anonymous said...

Dear Becker,
You back!!!
Seems like you had a great trip in Sydney, the opera, bridge and.....the zoo?
Share more with us after taking rest.
by Panda ^^

Becker said...

I met your lazy cousin called koala. He does nothing but sleep and chew of eucalypt leaves. The same way you sleep and eat all the time :)

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