17 May 2009

There Will Come A Day

Mr. B. attended his friend's 50th birthday dinner tonight. It was an intimate affair filled with good food, great wine and laughter. Then it suddenly dawned upon him that HIS day will come as well (albeit many, many years from now).

Fifty. Half a century. How can that be, he wonders? He cannot imagine himself at that age. He will wake up that Tuesday morning (yes, it will fall on a Tuesday) and everything would be going down hill from there.

"It's not all that bad," I told Mr. B. "Think of all the people who are 50 this year - Luc Besson, Irene Cara, Sheena Easton, Suzanna Vega, Chris Lowe, Marie Osmond, Simon Cowell, Sarah Ferguson and Uliuli Fifita just to name a few!"

"Who the hell is Uliuli Fifita?" Mr. B. said.

"A wrestler from Tonga!" I answered.

"Oh. Still... I can't imagine myself being 50. And, those people you mentioned are accomplished and rich. They don't care if they are 50. Wealth can make them look young!"

"But you have achieved so much too! You live a comfortable life, you have friends and family, you have D. and you have me!"

"That doesn't change the fact that I will be 50. And you! You will still look the same when you get to be 50!"

"That is true. Didn't you promise to still be as glamorous when you turn 50?"

"Yes, I did."

"So why worry. Let's have a big party on that day. Food, music, friends. No more crying like you did in your last one. All of us bears will be there too singing the Happy Birthday song."

"You promise?"


"Okay, I feel much better now."

"Great! By the way, Uliuli Fifita works for Toyota in Florida now. And, this is the 50th post in my blog too."

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