03 May 2009

Times Of Your Life

Today, Mr. B. and D. bought a new digital camera in preparation for their upcoming vacation, Mr. B. was not feeling very well that he forgot which brand and model they bought. After all, he reckon he wont have to read the instruction manual. Someone would do it for him and tell him where to press. That is how technologically savvy Mr. B. is.

Anyhow, he wasn't feeling well perhaps because he has been working hard over the weekend. He even had to take a couple of his farm's (the funny one) higher ups for a day tour in some boring old town where life revolves around temples, pork buns and oyster omelets. But so much for that.

He and D. are really looking forward to this much-deserved vacation. In fact, we bears are having a vote as to who will go with them (I could see Russell jumping up and down and screaming "Me, me, me, me ,me!". Very annoying). The only hitch to their vacation plan is the bunch of even annoying pigs who couldn't contain the flu within themselves and had to pass it on to human! (But that is another story that I want to write to address those swine!) Who knows what will happen in 3 weeks time when Mr. B. is due to leave.

Being one who is always optimistic, I am sure everything will go well and we shall all have a good time. With the new camera, I am sure we will be able to record happier times of our lives without Kodak films and Paul Anka singing in the background. Come to think of it. Mr. B and D. do not have much pictures together. I could already hear them snapping away...

... although the male lead would be way fatter than that in the photo now.

photo credit : Corbis

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