25 June 2009

A Case Of Oniomania

Your heart beats real fast once you set foot on the ground. Very quickly, you scan the environment. You check the map and make very swift decision on which direction to take your next step. Then you start to walk real fast, almost sprinting, until you arrive to your first destination. Very quickly, your eyes and brain suck in as much information as possible, deciding on your target. Once you spot your target, you walk, no, run to it, grab as many as possible, without much thinking (no, you don't have the luxury to think!). Next to run to the nearest cashier and whip out the magic plastic card so you can take your stuff out. Then you go for the next target, very quick!

That is not war strategy or Olympic competition. That's a human being let loose in a factory outlet.

What is this factory outlet that humans invented? It is a place for humans sicked with shopaholism, and it is a very contagious disease that results in serious amount of debt.

I do not understand why humans need more than 2 bags, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of pants or 2 bottles of cologne. Mr. B. has enough bottles of fragrances to last him another 5 years. He has bought shirts and shoes that he has stocked away and completely forgotten about. He has enough DVDs to open up a Blockbuster. And to think he is not even the worst kind!

I found it quite amusing that humans work so hard to spend their hard-earned money to buy things that their already have, more things that they probably don't need to have and even more things that they probably wouldn't ever use. But I guess I will never understand the bliss that comes with really spending the money you earn on something just because you can.

I overheard Mr. B. and D. planning a luxurious trip in the near future to visit the Mecca of the shopaholics - the Woodbury Commons Premium Outlet. All of 220 shops, name brands, up to 65% price off... I wish they will remember to buy me a shirt or something.

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