01 June 2009

Don't You Want Me Baby?

Among the many things that Mr. B and D. did during their holiday was to go clubbing, something they never had many chances to do in Taiwan. Being a club DJ for a couple of years in the distant past, Mr. B. was definitely pleased to be able to explore the latest and the trendiest.

The Sunday they went to the club was a Retro Sunday when nothing but music from the 1970' and the 1980's were played. It was such a nostalgic experience for Mr. B. whose "life soundtrack" consists mostly of Euro-pop, New Romantics, synthpop, New Wave, hi-NRG and the likes. It was even more amazing for him to see the original videos being played along with the music. For just a few moments, Boy George, Donna Summer, Kylie Minogue and Phil Oakey were so young again.

Phil Oakey is the lead singer of the group Human League, one of most popular British act during their time. Mr. B. always thought Phil Oakey was cool wearing make-up, earrings and lopsided hair - things Mr. B. never dared to do in his youth (well, he said he did wear his hair on one side and shaved on the other at some point). Anyhow, one of Mr. B. fondest memory was his organizing a large fashion show (called Dancing In The Nile) for the establishment he worked for before coming to Taiwan and one of the songs used in the show was Human by Human League.

All of a sudden, Mr. B. realized that his most beloved era, the 1980's, is almost 30 years ago! How could time passed so rapidly and so quietly? So what happened to all these people he used to admire and idolize? A quick search in the net shows a fat and bald Boy George and a 60-year old Donna Summer. But Phil Oakey was a different story. From the androgynous glam look he sported in the 1980's complete with lipstick, eyeliner and dangling earring, he is now a shaved (head), Armani suit wearing gentleman in his early 50's. Mr. B. thinks he is still so cool at his age. And judging from the videos of his recent live performances, he still sound pretty much the same.
Mr. B. told me he felt a bit gloomy knowing that time can indeed be harsh on some people. "Do you think D. will still want me when I am in my 50's? or even 60's?" he asked.
"I don't know. But I know you will still dance to Human League when the time comes." I replied. "And I sure will still be around to dance with you."


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I'll be around with you forever.

See the link below just found, retro MV with pop music, exotic ~


By D. ^^

Becker said...

hello D! when and where are we going on our next holidays???

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