20 June 2009

The Fine Art Of Anger

Anger is defined as an emotional state that may range from minor irritation to intense rage, with physical effects of increased heart rate, blood pressure and level of adrenalin. It usually happens when one chooses to take an action to immediately stop the threatening behaviour of an external force - the unsuspecting party.

Bears get angry when other bears threaten to steal their salmons, or pose harm to their cubs. In order to avoid this confrontation, bears keep within their own territories. But I found that this could not be applied to humans as they must go to the farm to toil daily with other humans.

Mr. B. said he is angry today because he couldn't show his anger.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because it's not worth it!" he replied.

Further investigation revealed that there were actually a number of things that made him irritated in the past few days:

1. Provocation from energy suckers - those who abuse his kindness to the point of disrespect.
2. Stupidity of others that wrongly reflects his own - the one unforgiveable characteristic no human can tolerate.
3. Misinterpretation of his intension - the frustration coming from the fact that no amount of explanation can ever correct this.
4, Narrow-mindedness being forced upon him - I don't understand why humans must be condescending to other humans who do not see things their way.

"But they are not worth increasing your blood pressure over!" I said with indignation. "It's time you take actions! Otherwise, you might as well write the word Welcome on your forehead and lie down by the door so people can step on you on their way in."

In fact, the course of action is very simple for each:

1. Be disrespectful back.
2. Keep saying "Don't you ever think?" enough times until it rings in the recipient's mind.
3. Say "That was not my intention. If you insist on thinking of it that way, it's your choice and it's your problem, not mine." Then take a sip of tea.
4. Totally ignore and do not respond or look at the person talking. Lean over and untie then re-tie your shoes. Better if you come back up 5 minutes later when the other person is gone. Point will be taken.

"Sounds exciting to me." Mr. B. replied.

"Just do it and report back to me next weekend!" I said as I turned away. I can now imagine the fear in the farm workers' eyes!

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