14 June 2009

When I Think Of Home

In the musical The Wiz (based on The Wizard of Oz), Dorothy's farewell song Home is a particularly poignant one. Saying goodbye to her newfound friends the Tin Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow, she is now prepared to go back to the real world with the click of her shoes. Dorothy imagined her home to be a place where love is overflowing, where the wind makes the tall trees bend into leaning and where snowflakes sprinkles the scene. She longs to be back to the place with the things she's been knowing. Yet somehow, leaving her friends after a long journey together must have been hard. Should she stay? Should she leave?

While bears live in dens by themselves, humans have many other choices to stay refuge and store their food (and other valuables). They call them by different names too - apartment, flat, duplex, house, studio, mansion, villa, castle - depending on the size and the structure. Modern humans made the buying, selling and renting of these refuge into a huge business. The type of dwelling that one has also determines his or her socio-economic status with those who don't own their own space frowned upon. That is why it is not unknown for humans to work themselves to death or disown family members in order to have a property in their possession.

It makes me wonder. When God created the world and ask humans to populate it, did He actually required rent from them? Or perhaps pay by installment? Did he tell anyone that they have to suffer more in order to have a bigger lawn? Or ask them to pay tax to the leaders every year in order for the property not to be confiscated? I doubt it.

So why are humans so obsessed with it?

When Mr. B. adopted me about 10 years ago, I knew I found a home. Then my other bear friends arrive and we all became one big, happy family. I couldn't care less if Mr. B. owns the place or not, or if we ever need to move to another place. As long as we are together, I believe I am always home.

Going back to The Wiz, the song Home is one of my favorites. Mr. B. said it always makes him cry to hear that song. He said the song has a very special meaning to him - being away from his family for a long time. Maybe just like Dorothy, Mr. B. doesn't know whether to click his shoes or not. Or maybe he is not sure where it might lead him. But I will hold on tightly to him. Because he is my home.

Video: American Idol finalist Melinda Doolittle singing Home

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