18 June 2009

This Ever-Spinning Playground

Mr. B. told me that one of the topics discussed at lunch today was child play. As a boy, Mr. B. enjoyed puppeteering (although he never actually used that term). Perhaps inspired by Sesame Street or maybe his early love for music and stage, he used to gather his brothers and sister on one side of the large bed and made every dolls and stuffed toys at home sing and dance (usually to Gloria Gaynor's Never Can Say Goodbye!). One of his favorite is a red and white teddy bear named Bonami ("good friend" in French). Although not particularly soft and cuddly as a result of several washings, Bonami was one of the mainstays in the song and dance routine. There were other characters, of course. Litlit and Loolit were "twins" 6-inch plastic dolls who would do a double dance as The Sisters (they also do air flips). On a much later stage, Cookie Monster (of Sesame Street) also made appearances but Mr. B. wouldn't put any cookies in his mouth for fear that it would stain the fabric.

Gone are those days. Litlit's head was detached and fell off the apartment window never to be found and Bonami mysteriously disappeared while Mr. B. was in college.

Some people would probably look at Mr. B. and think what a sad creature he is, and yes, there are people who shake their collective heads in disbelief. So what's wrong with being a child at heart? Must humans think of nothing else but their jobs and their mortgage? Must their minds be constantly filled with the worries of poor economy and failed government? To them I say, you are even sadder not to have a happy childhood to look back to.

To Bonami and friends, who I am sure are now all in Toys Heaven, I thank you for being a part of Mr. B.'s childhood. He is grateful for the boy that he was and the life that he had then. Now, having us with him, you can all rest assured he is in very good hands/paws.


Anonymous said...

Dear Becker,
Tell Mr. B that he's not lonely, many many 'kidults' in the world.


Becker said...

I like that term - kidult. Did you invent this yourself? Maybe too much bamboo helps develop your brain.... (note - "helps").

Anonymous said...

Are you working for medical or legal function?


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