30 June 2009


They were called the Golden Couple. The Six Million Dollar Man and one of Charlie's Angels. They got married in July 1973, exactly 5 years after their very first date. It must have been a fairy tale wedding with more than 150 guests and held in Bel-Air Hotel in California.

Soon after, their respective careers took off. Farrah Fawcett-Majors starred in the hit series Charlie's Angels for a year. She also sold 12 million copies of that infamous poster in red bathing suit. Lee Majors already had an on-going successful TV series about a bionic man. But the pressure of stardom took its toll. Farrah's Charlie's Angels contract even stipulated that she had to be home every night by 6.30pm to cook dinner for her husband.

The Golden Couple finally divorced in February 1982 after more than 2 years of legal wrangling on who gets what. They never spoken to each other for 23 years.

In the meantime, Farrah met Ryan O'Neal, an actor better known for his good looks than for his acting ability. While they never got married, they were partners on and off from 1982 until her death in 2009. The reason for them not getting married seemed vague. Ryan was supposed to have proposed many times but was turned down. There were speculation that Farrah was afraid of commitment after a failed marriage and after being beaten by one-time boyfriend James Orr or by Ryan himself depending on which write up one wanted to believe.

When news about Farrah's cancer became public, Lee Majors tried to learned about his ex-wife's situation through friends. This past February, her birthday, he decided to call her for the first time in 23 years. They had a 40-minute phone conversation about her life, and the cancer and it was such a lovely moment for the two of them. It was a very good conversation. They joked, and they got a little bit emotional. If Lee hadn't called, they probably wouldn't be able to speak again.

A few days before Farrah died, Ryan proposed to her again. This time, she said "Yes".

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