26 July 2009

Are You Serious?

Today, Mr. B. and D. decided to go shopping after sleeping off most of Saturday because of the heavy rain. Mr. B. wanted a decent bathroom scale because the last one broke years ago. Upon trying out the merchandise, he was completely horrified to find that his weight has gone up unbelievably high. He tried another one and it gave the same result. It was truly devastating to him to say the least. He started formulating several theories on why his weight has gone beserk.

1. D. has the habit of rubbing his tummy so it got big as a result.
2. The energy suckers in the farm made him eat to compensate for the frustrations caused.
3. Sitting in meetings too long increases fat storage in his body...

The list goes on but nowhere did I find anything pertaining to his eating too much and moving too little.

"My life is over," he proclaimed. "This is the bottom of the barrel, the end of the road."
"Are you going to do anything about it?" I asked worried.

"You bet I will! I will ask D. never to rub my tummy anymore. I will not succumb to frustrations over the funny farm energy suckers. I will only attend meetings that last for only one hour." he said indignantly.

Then as he turned to prepare his chopped vegetables for tomorrow's lunch. I was suddenly overwhelmed with the feeling of compassion to this poor soul who has struggled all his life with weight problems. I know that from today on, things will never be the same again.


Anonymous said...

Agree, energy suckers in the farm makes people cracy, so people need to find an exit.

Becker said...

the problem with mr. b. is that he exits to the nearest 7-eleven and buys himself snacks!

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