23 July 2009

He Wanna Be A Pop Star

His first ambition at 16 was to be an architect simply because he liked drawing. A couple of years later, he decided he should make a living out of singing in a band because that was the coolest thing on Earth. He also thought about becoming an evangelist when he decided he wanted to serve God. Then he imagined himself writing screenplays and novels because he enjoyed telling stories.

Fast forward. His first job was window dressing and decorating a then prestigious department store. Three years on, he relocated and became an advertising executive, scouring pad marketer, instant camera marketer, newspaper executive, regional honcho for digital products and now, marketing drugs.

That was Mr. B. in 2 short paragraphs. Me, I just wanted to be a bear because that is what I am good at.

Sometimes, Mr. B. wonders what he would have became if he would have done this or that.

"I think you will end up in the same place." I said flatly.

"You think so?"

"Yes. Because you will always be you," I replied. "You still doodle a lot, don't you? Especially when people in the farm bore you to death."

Mr.B. chuckled at my discovery.

"You still love music and sing. You decorate the house. Only you haven't completed your novel or served God." I said.

"So you think I was all that!"

"And you will always be all that. It's always been in you all these time."

Mr. B. then gave me his rendition of Ken Hirai's Pop Star complete with his own choreography. "Nobody has seen me do that before. Not even D."

"Make sure nobody will." I replied as I turned away.

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