12 July 2009

His First Time

It was in July of the year 1993 when Mr. B. first saw The Phantom of the Opera in London West End. For him, the trip was a several "firsts" - the first time he visited London (a city he came to love), the first time he watched a West End production, the first time he was reunited with the then love of his life after almost 3 years of separation.

The Phantom of the Opera was an emotional journey for him. He remembers being overwhelmed at once by the onstage spectacle and the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. He remembers shedding tears to the soaring romance of All I Ask Of You and the heartbreaking Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. He remembers the passion and obsession of the Phantom, hiding his face so the world will never find him. Such unrequited love.

The day he left London that summer, he handed a letter to W. where he wrote the lines from Think Of Me - "Think of me, think of me fondly when we said goodbye. Remember me once in a while, please promise me you'll try." He remembers that precise moment when he turned his back and went up the escalator in Gatwick. He shook uncontrollably and cried knowing that his life will never be the same from then on.

16 years later in the same month of July, Mr. B. watched The Phantom of the Opera yet again, this time in Taipei, Taiwan, and this time with D., the new love of his life. He cried a litttle. He remembers the first time. He remembers the many other times he watched this show. Most importantly, he reminds himself of just how fortunate he is to have D. by his side sharing this wonderful moment.
At last, the Phantom found his heart along the way.


Sheepmm said...

Hi, Becker,
Tell Mr.B that the first time I saw Phantom, also cried uncontrollable.
Now still tears a little.

Becker said...

Mr. B. is still working now. I told hi, to go to bed coz it's already 4.30 but he said he must finish a stupid presentation. What is that????

Anonymous said...

why human must do stupid complicated presentation?

we are lucky to be bear and panda

Becker said...

I think princess does that to earn money to buy the bamboos to feed you. So don't complain.

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