05 July 2009

Simple Happiness

Today, Mr. B. bought me a new shirt. It is a multi-colored, beautifully-patterned Baby Gap shirt perfect for the summer which D. commented gave me a Southeast Asian look. Mmmm.....

This is the very first shirt that was specifically bought for me. Before, I used to wear hand-me-downs or borrowed from another bear (like the shirt I wore during my vacation trip which was actually Bradson's). I feel very happy having my own shirt now. It's just one, but it's mine. And I don't mind wearing it everyday. I understand that humans are different in this regards. Humans like to buy as much clothes as they can afford, even when they don't really need them. Perhaps it is the personal satisfaction of knowing that they have the ability and power to buy things with their money, or maybe they want other humans to see how stylish they are because one is more respected when they are more stylish, I was told.

I am not here to judge shopaholics. I am just a simple bear who is happy with his new shirt. It reminds me of the musical You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. In the very last number, Charlie, Lucy, Linus, Sally, Schroeder, Snoopy and Woodstock came together and sang Happiness to express what makes them happy. Mr. B. himself likes the song as much as I do. It speaks of the simple things in life that most humans fail to notice yet bring a lot of joy to the heart. I remember a few of them, but the line I loved most is - Happiness is singing together when day is through and happiness is those who sing with you. For me, happiness is my new shirt and having Mr. B. and D. as my best friends. For happiness is anyone and anything at all that's loved by you.

Video Credit: You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. Music amd Lyrics by Clark Gesner. Created by Charles M. Schulz


Anonymous said...

Wow, u get your own new shirt, so happy~

btw, don't forget me, ur friend in internet world ?? ha ha

by panda

Becker said...

are u jealous i have a new colorful shirt? i bet yours is only black and white.

Sheepmm said...

Hi, Becker,
I also love this song.
Sometime happy is really simple. I felt happy when I got my calculater applied in the farm. I don't know why, but the simple calculater make me feel happy.
Maybe it is because that Sheep usually doesn't count.

Becker said...

sheeps don't count... it's humans that count you if they can't fall asleep.

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