08 August 2009

Daddy's Boy

I never knew my father. My mother, whom I grew up and stayed with for about 4 years never told me about him. No special reason. That was just it in the bear's world.

Mr. B. told me today is Father's Day, a day to honor fathers and traditionally celebrated in the third Sunday of June each year. Where we are, Father's Day is celebrated today. This is the time of the year when children would save up and buy things like electric razors or ties as gifts. Adults would take the easier route and just give red packets with money in them. Most often, the whole family would go out to eat and very likely, the father will have to pay. Anyway, this is the day when families find an excuse to gather and eat.

Mr. B. said his father is a very special person. Having had to start working at a very young age, Papa B. was more of a street-smart person with lots of stories and adventures to tell. He could be very strict and stubborn at times but always very kind at heart. Mr. B. showed me photos of them together when Mr. B. was still a toddler. I could see that Papa B. was very proud of his son.

"Do you think he is proud of me now?" Mr. B. asked. "Do you think I disappointed him as a son?"

"I think you have done a good job. I honestly think so." I replied.

"I only wish for his health and happiness. Every day of my life." said Mr. B.

"I know that." I said. "Mr. B.?"


"Can we also take a photo like what you have? You and me?" I requested.


I never knew my own father. But when Mr. B. adopted me, he became my father. He became the father of all the other bears at home. I may not have done a lot now. But one day, I want Mr. B. to also be proud of me, the way Papa B. is proud of his first born.


Anonymous said...

I can imagine how cute u are in the photo ^__^


Becker said...

i will not disagree with you. you should have one taken too.

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