07 August 2009

Don't You Forget About Me

Mr. B. always talks about The Eighties. No specific adjectives like Roaring 20's or Swinging 60's, just THE Eighties. My research on history indicates that humans had gone through a lot decades before the 1980's - wars (40's), economic depression (50's), libertine attitude (60's), hippie culture (70's). Indeed the 80's may have been some sort of renaissance for humans as they probably were sick of war, poverty and drugs.

"What's so special about The Eighties?" I asked Mr. B.

"Everything!" he said excitingly. "That was my era, my heydays so to speak."

The Eighties brought a lot of things to the world. Indiana Jones, E.T., Luke Skywalker, Freddie Krugger, Michael Myer, Madonna, Whitney Houston, to name a few, became global names somewhere within the decade and are still enjoying their popularities today.

"So what were you like then, Mr. B.?" I asked curiously.

"Do you know what my biggest problem was every day when I woke up in the morning?" he said. "How I would comb my hair that day!"

"That was it?"

"Oh yeah, that could be a daunting task!" he said with a grin on his face. "I got gel, I got trimmer, I shaved one side, I combed to the other, I let it stand, I let it lay flat, I parted it on the left, then parted it on the right."

"Did you ever shaved it all off?"

"That was in the Millenium. Another era."

Today is a typhoon holiday so Mr. B. said we should watch The Breakfast Club in memory of John Hughes (the director who passed away yesterday). He said the spirit and the angst of The Eighties is encapsulated in that film.

The Eighties is almost 30 years ago. Then I thought, decades from now, this era Mr. B. loved so much will just be like the 20's to people today - remote, almost forgotten and barely relevant. But perhaps modern technology will preserve a lot of the bits and pieces of history from that time so humans of the future will always remember The Eighties.

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