23 August 2009

An Evening With BFF

Today was a good day for Mr. B. He and D. went to a nice foot spa that involved scrubbing and massaging. It is supposed to be a comforting activity for humans. In the evening, they went to dinner with a group of firends. Mr. B. took his house guest with him. It was a fun evening of mediocre food but great company. Later activity involved going to a place where humans drink and chat, mostly about other people.

Mr. B. always said he enjoys the company of good friends - dining, drinking (Coke or tea) and just chatting about anything at all. Later in the evening, the group decided to go to a dance club but Mr. B. declined.

"I only dance to 80's music." was his excuse.

The truth was that he was not interested to go, he told me. Gone are the days when he would dance until wee hours in the morning. Now he just want to end a great evening sipping tea with D. and talking.

"Am I becoming anti-social?" he asked me.

"No, you're just getting old." I replied.

"Ha! And I don't see you going out and having fun!" he retorted.

"Bears don't socialize." I answered.

"I'll take you out to meet my friends next time." he said as he prepares to go to bed.

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