29 August 2009

Fame And Unfortunate

Mr. B. bought me a cap, pretty much like a Russian ushanka, only it has a panda top. As soon as he came home, he put the cap on my head. It was heavy. I couldn't see anything because the furry cap covered my vision and rested on my nose.

"There you go! No one will recognize you now!" he said proudly.

"Why should anyone recognize me?" I said.

"Well, your blog is becoming so popular now, people might spot you when you walk around the streets." he answered.

"But I don't walk around the streets!!" I protested.

"Just in case. You can never be sure. I want you to be safe from your fans. Who knows you might have millions of them!"

"So you want me to pretend to be a panda?" I replied.

"Exactly! Great idea, isn't it?"

I shook my head. "I have a better idea."


"Why don't YOU wear this lazy animal cap to work?" I suggested.

"And why would I do that?" he questioned.

"So the people in the funny farm will not recognize you. They will all shake their heads and recall how you were once a cheerful person, and how those energy-suckers of various shapes and sizes turned you into an unrecognisable black and white animal!" I explained.

"You got a very good point. Now hold still. I want to take your photo." Mr. B. said.


Anonymous said...

hmm.... I'm going to buy a bear cap!


Becker said...

yes! and post your photo coz i never seen you!

Anonymous said...

Where to buy the cap??


Becker said...

mr. b. said he found the cap in the second level of taipei main station where there are all these restaurants. but the store only sells panda items - like panda shirts, panda mugs, panda toys. obviously they are all boring.

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